El Mago’s Guarantee

At El Mago’s roofing we strive to reach peak satisfaction for all of our customers who entrust us with their home’s roof. Our team of well experienced roofers are fully capable of taking care of your roof. We use the highest grade materials, the best equipment, the best people, and of course we give our service 100%.

You can call our numbers to get an estimate to overlook your roof, and if you’re happy with what we offer we will be at your house to work as soon as possible. We offer our services to those in the Miami-Dade & Broward counties. We also have a second team stationed in Port St. Lucie to take care off nearly all of South Florida’s needs!

Services Provided

Leaky Roof Repair

Is your roof starting to sag at certain parts? Getting wet and damp? We can fix those leaks invading your home and ruining your roof and ceiling!

Roof Construction

Are you thinking of getting a whole new roof to make your house look better? Or maybe plan on selling your home? We can redo your entire roof for you from the bare bones!

Tile & Shingle Replacement

Do you need replacement of your roof tiles being broken or missing shingles. Get your roof shingles swapped out for a different type and color. We replace the old and broken ones!

Roofing Needs

Everyone needs a local and trusted roofing company that they can look to in times of need, especially down here in Florida. We all know how often storms hit our coasts and affect our lives, these storms harm your roof aging it faster than it should through damages and leaks. That’s why we provide a guaranteed service, if things go down you can look at us and we will come to work to repair the roof over your head.

When Should I Call?

Have you encountered issues with your roof or simply want to remodel? We can tell you what to look out for so you can call us over quick.

  • Are your shingles or tiles damp, warped, damaged, or even missing?
  • Do you see discoloration in your roof or walls leading up to the ceiling?
  • Is there a drip through the ceiling in your home?
  • You notice wood rot especially in places like an attic.
  • Your paint is peeling from the top of the wall.
  • The roof is over 25 years old and its condition isn’t looking the best.
  • Do you see odd moss or fungi growing around the ceiling and or roof?
  • Did your last contractor leave a poor job done?
  • Your neighborhood has been renewing their roofs.
  • You wish for the value of your house to maintain.

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